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Countries New Zealand |16 noviembre, 2016

Ornua | Listen: milk price can reach 30c/l next spring – Ornua chief executive

Ornua’s chief executive Kevin Lane has said farmgate milk prices could reach 30c/l in the first or second quarter of 2017 as Ornua’s share of Irish dairy exports rises sharply. By Thomas Hubert

Delivering the RDS Economic Lecture in Dublin this Tuesday, Ornua’s chief executive Kevin Lane said he had seen improving returns for the co-op’s core products over the past four to five months.

“We are heading hopefully to that 30c/l price, whether it be the first quarter or second quarter of next year – ideally the first quarter, provided market returns can sustain it,” he told the Irish Farmers Journal.

Lane also said that volumes exported by Ornua grew by 28% this year, reaching 60% of all Irish dairy exports. “We’ve had fairly significant growth through processors putting extra product through us, in …


Source: FarmersJournal



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