Manitowoc County is a dairy powerhouse and environmental leader

Manitowoc County tied with Brown County for first place in milk production per cow with 27,700 pounds of milk produced that year. The state average milk yield per cow was 23,552 pounds.

Manitowoc County ranks fourth out of the 72 Wisconsin counties and in the top 25 counties in the United States in total annual milk production. Furthermore, Manitowoc County ranks fifth in the state in the number of dairy cows.

In 2016, Manitowoc County dairy producers sold more than 1 billion pounds of milk for the 10th straight year. Only Fond du Lac, Clark and Dane County dairy farmers produced more milk in Wisconsin.

Total Manitowoc County milk output in 2016 was 1,495,800,000 pounds, up from 1,436,400,000 pounds in 2015.

Currently, Manitowoc County has approximately 220 dairy farms with 54,000 cows (about 245 cows per farm). The average number of dairy cows per farm in Wisconsin is about 145. Manitowoc County dairy farms range in size from 20 cows to more than 5,000 cows.
Farmers work to protect the environment

Almost everyone knows the importance of recycling to protect the environment for future generations. But do you know what farmers are doing to protect the environment?

500,000 pounds — that is the amount of agricultural plastic that was recycled by Manitowoc County farmers in 2017!

Farmers utilize plastic to prevent their feedstuffs, including haylage and corn silage, from spoiling. The 500,000 pounds (250 tons) of plastic that was diverted from landfills was made into recycled products such as trash can liners.

Farmers are definitely doing their part to protect our natural resources, and recycling agricultural plastic is one example of that.

For more about this recycling program, contact me at 920-683-4175 or

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Scott L. Gunderson is agriculture agent for Manitowoc County UW-Extension.

By: Scott L. Gunderson

Source: USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin


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