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Countries India |5 septiembre, 2017

adulterated | Milk analysis required to stall adulterated milk sale, states IndiFoss

IndiFoss Analytical is now keen to see that the Indian diary industry opts for milk analysis to stall the adulterated milk sale in the country. By: Nandita Vijay

The Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) mandates general testing techniques. However, the need of the hour is access to quality testing instrumentation to ensure accurate and foolproof analysis of milk.

“Moreover, the focus of testing is mainly on final milk and milk products and not on the Raw Milk. The government directive should also focus on the certification of the Fresh Raw Milk,” Satish Mohite, general manager, marketing, IndiFoss Analytical, told FnB News on the sidelines of India Foodex, which concluded in Bengaluru recently.

The dairies must also look beyond pasteurisation, which is a heat treatment to kill pathogenic bacteria and reduce enzymatic activity. This is to make the product safe for consumption and to lengthen its shelf life.

But the reality is that the bacteria is only destroyed and not removed. There is a need to sensitise the consumption and use of safe quality milk.

“Most of the dairies in the country are looking at dairy equipment to scale up their dairies, because the objective is to drive volumes of milk production and related by-products. There is a limited interest in milk analysis instrumentation,” Mohite added.

This is where MilkoScan, which is positioned as a one-of-a- kind milk analyser. The equipment is the latest in liquid milk testing. It analyses the major components in raw and processed milk, cream and whey.

The process is cost-effective, allowing to measure up to six key parameters from a single milk sample such as fat, protein, total solids, solids non fat (SNF) and lactose, besides screen for milk adulteration. It helps to avoid time-consuming and labour-intensive conventional testing process.

It allows to standardise milk or cream products. Further, the results after analysis can allow dairy farmers to be paid according to the safety of milk and calculating the purity and fat content.

The instrument will lead to an immediate and dramatic reduction in costs by replacing much of traditional laboratory testing. It is also used to test the fat and SNF content to make payments to dairy farmers.

Currently, due to no instrumental regulations for Raw Milk Adulteration testing, a huge Indian Dairy Market remains uninterested in testing Raw Milk Quality.

Due to the above apathy, Indifoss has had a restricted success of catering to just about eight percent of the Indian market, which covers those who are interested in monitoring incoming Raw Milk.

The Denmark-based Foss is a global partner with over 120 offices worldwide and has holds 90 per cent of the global market.


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