Milk export plan progresses


Moon Lake managing director Sean Shwe said the milk was currently being freighted through Melbourne but the company remained committed to its plan to export milk directly from Hobart to Ningbo in the future.

“Our intent was to get the direct flights up and running in the first half of 2017. Unfortunately due to some supply chain and regulatory issues in China that has not yet been achieved but it remains our intention,” Mr Shwe said.

“In the meantime we have pushed ahead with the establishment of a VAN Dairy marketing team in Ningbo and VAN Milk – produced on the VDL Farms in Tasmania’s North-West and processed in Hobart – is currently being sold in Ningbo, Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou,” he said.

Moon Lake’s sister company VAN Dairy has plans to establish offices in two other Chinese cities in the near future.

“Over the past three months VAN Dairy has shipped some 80,000 litres of milk to China,” Mr Shwe said.

“Some of this milk has been used for promotional Tasmanian taste events and we will ramp up marketing once all the sales channels have been established,” he said.

Mr Shwe said the Moon Lake Investment Board and management had also completed a strategy session and was well advanced on a medium-to-long-term strategy plan which would include a number of capital expenditure commitments for the VDL Farms.



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