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Countries India |2 octubre, 2017

Milk | Milk price up again

GUWAHATI, Oct 1: Milk price is up by Rs 1.50 a litre from Sunday. The cost of a litre of milk is now Rs 46 at source (khuti) against Rs 44.50 a litre earlier.

Brihattar Guwahati Gau Palok Santha president Indra Bhandari said: “We decided to hike the price of milk on September 13 this year.

The new rate has been effective from Sunday. Hike in prices of fodder for livestock is the reason behind such a hike.” Meanwhile, Consumers’ Legal Protection Forum (CLPF) vehemently opposed the hike in milk price.

In a statement issued to the press on Sunday, Forum secretary Ajay Hazarika said: “Instead of resorting to frequent hike in milk prices, milkmen should lay thrust on improving milk quality. We demand intervention of the district administration in this regard.

It has been made known to the district administration that like other areas in the State, adulterated milk has glutted Guwahati Market. Since milk has no alternative, the district administration should ensure the availability of quality milk at right price.”




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