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Countries Australia |19 diciembre, 2017

Dairy Farmers | Milk waste as Melbourne docks picket ends

A KYABRAM dairy is this week disposing of 60,000 litres of milk that was left to waste on a Melbourne dock due to industrial action.


Source: The Weekly Times


Wayne Mulcahy from Kyvalley Dairy said he was advised on Friday he could access three shipping containers containing the fresh milk that had been bound for Asia.

The milk spoiled behind a picket line at the Victorian International Container Terminal. About 1000 containers were caught up in the dispute.

“Our insurance company has told us because it was a political problem, we can’t claim,” Mr Mulcahy said.

Mr Mulcahy said his business had suffered the loss of the sale — estimated at $60,000 — and the loss of reputation as a reliable supplier.

But he said it was too early to assess the cost of additional wharf charges, refrigeration, transport, disposal and container hire for the duration of the three-week industrial action. “I don’t think anyone should be able to hold perishable food to ransom, there should be a law to protect it,” he said.


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