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Countries United Kingdom |16 enero, 2018

Business | Müller unveils dairy business development scheme

Müller has launched a new scheme which aims to help the next generation of dairy farmers to establish their own businesses in the UK.


Source: FoodBev

Link: https://www.foodbev.com/news/muller-business-scheme-dairy-farmers/

Approximately 25 young Müller Direct dairy farmers will be selected by the company to take part in the Müller Direct Next Generation scheme.

To be eligible for the scheme, young farmers must have worked on a farm for a minimum of three years.

Müller will work with the group for three years, during which the farmers will be provided with bespoke training to help them develop a business.

This training will include aspects such as benchmarking and market analysis, as well as business improvement planning.

The group will also be given the opportunity to take part in a forum three times a year, allowing them to share industry knowledge and to ensure best practice.

Rob Hutchison, milk supply director at Müller said: “This is another valuable initiative for Müller Direct Farmers, this time focussing on the next generation.

“Müller is investing significantly to ensure that consumers will be able to buy more and more added value dairy products that are made in Britain with milk from British farms.

“We need to maintain a long-term and progressive milk supply and Müller Direct Next Generation will help ambitious young farmers build the thriving dairy businesses of the future.”


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