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Countries New Zealand |8 marzo, 2018

Dairy Farmers | Mycoplasma bovis – Govt and industry need to work together

Industry bodies have committed $11.2 million towards funding the operational costs of the Mycoplasma bovis outbreak response.

DairyNZ CEO Dr Tim Mackle spoke to The Country Early Edition’s Rowena Duncum about the funding which has been contributed from DairyNZ as well as Beef + Lamb NZ and Meat Industry Association.

The Government has committed $85 million to support farmers affected by M. bovis which Dr Mackle says is “a very positive sign to farmers and the primary sector about the relationship that they aim to have with us.”

“It’s the first real challenge that we face together with the new government.”

The focus is still on eradicating the cattle disease and Dr Mackle says the beef and dairy sector and the Government need to work together to establish how this will be carried out.

The impacts of Mycoplasma bovis are far-reaching, particularly for those infected properties, says Dr Mackle, as there is an emotional impact of knowing animals are unwell.

“I think it reminds us too that this is a time when we do need to make sure everyone is supporting each other.”

Dr Mackle acknowledges Mycoplasma bovis doesn’t just affect dairy farmers, “dry stock farmers…the beef sector itself is also impacted by this particularly uncertainties around the flow of animals and the movement of stock.”

Also in today’s interview – Dr Tim Mackle talks about milk testing, stock movement and how farmers can help minimise transmission through animal to animal contact.


Source: The Country


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