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Countries United States |7 abril, 2017

Business | Nasonville Dairy to stop buying milk from 14 area farmers Area farmers told Nasonville Dairy will stop buying milk

Nasonville Dairy of Marshfield will stop buying milk from 14 central Wisconsin farms.

In a letter sent to farmers, Nasonville General Manager Ken Heiman stated one of the company’s buyers no longer needed as much product, and the company is now overstocked.

“All of a sudden we were looking at this, with the markets declining the way that they were, and are, we had no place to move it to,” Heiman told NewsChannel 7 Thursday.

Now dairy farmers like Hatley resident John Litza are feeling the effects.

“Well we got a letter with the paycheck on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, that as of April 1 they would no longer be picking up milk from any of my milk drivers route,” Litza said.

Now he’s scrambling to find a buyer.

Litza believes he’s called at least 30 milk plants and cooperatives in the state and received the same answer from every one of them.

“Once we started calling, it was just ‘no we’ve got too much milk, too much milk, and too much milk,’” Litza said.

Even selling almost half of his herd has done little to help. In January, cows could be purchased for as much as $2,000. Now Litza said he’s lucky to get half of that.

“There’s just too many cows out there with excess milk, people are selling cows, that’s driving the price down too,” Litza said.

He hopes by meeting with other farmers and speaking to lawmakers, he can help enact change in the industry and deliver a message to farmers so they can avoid a similar situation.

“Keep in touch with the milk plant you are selling to and the milk man. See what’s going on. You have to keep your ears out there because things are changing,” Litza said.


Source: WSAW



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