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Countries Australia |17 mayo, 2018

Dairy Farmers | New bull team tool a crystal ball for future of dairy herds

DAIRY farmers will soon be able to predict their herd’s future performance based on the genetics of different bull teams.

DataGene project liaison manager Erika Oakes said the Genetic Futures Report would allow farmers to input three different bull teams and see predictions about a herd’s future performance.

The report can give farmers a Balanced Performance Index score, which is a combination of traits, such as productivity, to improve farm profitability.

Speaking at the ImProving Herd’s National Muster at Meeniyan last week, Ms Oakes said the technology was in the final stages of development and would be available later this year.

She said the online tool could show which cows were in the top and bottom 25 per cent of the herd for performance traits, including production.

Agriculture Victoria ImProving Herds project leader Jennie Pryce said genotyping calves could show farmers which ones would be good performers.

“If you are making decisions about calves it will give you confidence about which ones to keep,” Ms Pryce said.

She said when economic conditions were tough, genomic testing could show which cows were efficient feeders and which ones were “stealing feed”.


Source: The Weekly Times


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