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Countries Australia |7 agosto, 2018

Dairy Farmers | New campaign celebrates Queensland dairy industry

There has not been a lot of good news stories in the media recently about the dairy industry.

Last month’s production figures show an 11.8 per cent decrease on the same time last year which takes the year to date figure to a 6.3pc decrease equating to a 26 million litre shortfall.

But rather than focus on the negatives, Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation is set to celebrate Queensland’s dairy industry in its Cream of Australia campaign which will launch at this year’s Ekka.

Working with the Office of Small Business we are asking customers to support local dairy brands. We know from previous work that has been done by QDO that people need to be constantly reminded to do the right thing and support their brands.

The campaign will not focus on the doom and gloom of our current situation or mention the ongoing supply chain issues we have. If we continue to focus solely on the negatives, consumers will soon tune out to our messages.

Post-campaign research into some of the most memorable shock campaigns including the Federal Government grim reaper ads to stop smoking showed that this approach does not change consumer behaviours.

The Queensland Dairy Farmers – The Cream of Australia campaign highlights the quality of our fresh milk brands, the value of supporting local Queensland farmers and the tireless work done by our farmers to bring consumers the great products they know and love. It is designed to drive home the importance of knowing where fresh dairy comes from.

The initial launch will have the public cast their votes for Queensland Dairy Farmers Cream of Australia where young Ekka visitors will have the chance to judge The Ekka’s cutest cow.

It is a lighthearted and fun way for the public to engage with our farmers who are taking the time to exhibit. Several videos will be created so that our Queensland dairy brands can also get behind the campaign.

By: Matthew Trace, QDO vice-president

Source: Queensland Country Life


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