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Countries Nigeria |15 abril, 2018

will | ‘Nigeria will produce best milk in the world if…’

Reverend Livingston Emenyi, a Nigerian-American has said that he has a programme that will allow Nigeria to produce the best milk in the world if elected president.

Reverend Emenyi, who was in Abuja at the weekend to declare his presidential ambition in the 2019 general elections said he would ensure a vibrant agricultural sector in the country. He stressed that he has a programme that will allow children aged 1-10 to be fed free of charge by the federal government.

Food security, he said will spur a vibrant agricultural economic drive since the sector is the largest supplier of raw materials for most vibrant agro-allied industries.

On corruption, Reverend Livingston Emenyi reiterated that he has a lot of international connections to ensure that all Nigerian stolen money is repatriated to the country.

He said he is vying for the nation highest office as an independent candidate because according to him, political parties have made it difficult for office holders to perform due to parties’ interests.

By: Vincent A. Yusuf

Source: Daily Trust

Link: https://www.dailytrust.com.ng/-nigeria-will-produce-best-milk-in-the-world-if.html

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