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Countries United States |27 julio, 2018

Deadline | On Deadline: Skimming profits from Pennsylvania dairy farmers

Pennsylvania dairy farmers are among the most productive in the nation. Dairy farming is a $15 billion chunk of the state’s economy and accounts for 52,000 jobs.

The milk is flowing but the money is not. Dairy farmers make significantly less for their milk today than they did four years ago and they’re barely breaking even or, in fact, losing money. Why?

“On Deadline” examines the Pennsylvania dairy crisis with Jayne Sebright, the executive director of the Center for Dairy Excellence and an Adams County dairy farmer. We’ll look at its causes and its possible cures, and we’ll discuss consumers changing tastes and how you can help farmers without having to touch a cow.

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By: Dennis Owens

Source: ABC27 News

Link: https://www.abc27.com/investigators/on-deadline/on-deadline-skimming-profits-from-pennsylvania-dairy-farmers/1325356557

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  • Excellent interview. Ms. Sebright does a great job of highlighting the trials and tribulations confronting the nation’s dairy producers. Wish we had someone in California that was as articulate

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