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Countries United States |16 julio, 2018

Dairy Farmers | Oregon, California farmers reappointed to dairy board

Warren L. Chamberlain of Oregon and Brad J. Scott and Pauline Tjaarda of California were reappointed to their seats on the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board in an announcement from Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.

Michael R. Oosten of California, has also been appointed to fill an open seat.

The new terms begin in November and will last three years. Oosten, however, will only serve until October of 2019.

The National Dairy Promotion and Research Board, known as the Dairy Checkoff Program, promotes dairy products and provides funding for research.

Dairy farmers pay a 15 cent-per-hundredweight assessment on their milk, and importers pay 7.5 cents to fund the program according to capitalpress.com.

Purdue said the new appointees will aid in the “promotion and research to maintain and expand” dairy markets. He also said that the individuals will serve the dairy industry well.

The board is made up of 37 individuals from 12 regions.

Each member is selected by the secretary after nominations are submitted by various dairy and farm organizations.


Source: The Dairy Times News Bureau

Link: http://thedairytimes.com/oregon-california-farmers-reappointed-dairy-board/

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