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Privacy policy

These privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) will enter into force, upon acceptance, for new users and are effective from the day April 10, 2001.
As a formal part of our activity we collect and, in some cases, disclose information about our users and visitors to our web site. This Privacy Policy describes the information The Global Dairy collects about its users and visitors and what can be done with that information. By registering and/or navigating the web site The Global Dairy, the user and/or visitor consents to the usage of their personal information in accordance with the policies described below.
This document is an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of The Global Dairy. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions at the moment of registration the user accepts the policies contained herein.

Rights of access, cancellation and modifications of personal information.

Users have and may exercise rights to access, cancel and update their Personal Information, including their e-mail account, as well as the right to oppose processing of it and to be informed about the sessions carried out, all in accordance with the applicable regulations. As provided in Article 14, paragraph 3 of Law No. 25,326, the holder of personal data, subject to proof of their identity, has the right to access them, within ten (10) calendar days since the proof of identity, with no cost at all for periods longer than six months, unless a legitimate interest is credited. For modifications and deletion of personal data, the holder may exercise those same rights within five (5) business days since the proof of identity.
Users guarantee and respond, in any case, to the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal information provided, and to undertake to keep them updated.
Once registered in The Global Dairy, the user can review and change the information submitted during the registration process including:

  • The nickname and email address. Notwithstanding the changes you make, The Global Dairy retains the previous Personal Information for security and fraud control.
  • The registration information such as: company, address, city, region, postal code, primary phone number, secondary phone number, fax number, e-mail, etc.
  • The password.

In certain cases, Personal Information the user has requested to withdraw can be kept in the archives of The Global Dairy Personal Information in order to solve disputes or claims, detect problems or incidents and solve them, and to comply with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions for a period of time determined by the law. In any case the Personal Information from a user will not be immediately removed from the files of The Global Dairy for legal and technical reasons, including safety support systems.
Users must update their personal information periodically as it changes so that others can locate them when conducting an operation. To make any changes to the information provided at the time of registration, users must access the section.

The Global Dairy may at any time modify the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and confidentiality and / or the practices of sending e-mails. If it is decided to introduce any material changes to the Privacy Policy, the user will be notified by a publication of an updated version of the Policy in this section, by receiving an e-mail or by a publication on the home page or other sections of the site to keep users informed of any changes.
For more information about the confidentiality of personal information, you may contact The Global Dairy by e-mail or post.
The National Directorate for Personal Data Protection, Body Control of the Law No. 25,326, has the authority to address complaints and grievances about the breach of the rules on personal data protection.

The information

For the purposes of registration in Dairy America, the user must provide complete and accurate personal information (“Personal Information”). It will be requested, collected and stored the following Personal Information: nickname or pseudonym to operate at the site of The Global Dairy, name, document number or valid identification, physical contact information (such as number of home phone, e-mail, etc.). The Global Dairy will confirm the personal data by requesting information to public entities, specialized companies or credit bureaus, to which the user expressly authorize us. The information that The Global Dairy obtains from these entities will be treated confidentially.
Users who signs up in The Global Dairy through his personal account of a social network (“Personal Account”), or who access The Global Dairy through his Personal Account by any other way, expressly consent that The Global Dairy can:
• Access at any time, to all the information in your personal account, including information about your interests, tastes, contacts and other content stored on your Personal Account.
• Attach to the account messages, photographs, videos and any other content.
• Send e-mail to the user linked to the Personal Account, information or messages for the purpose described in the section “Our use of Information” below.

The Global Dairy can automatically collect and store certain information about user activity and visitors within its website. Such information may include the last URL visited by the user (whether or not it is on our website), which URL the user accesses next (whether or not it is on our website), what browser the user is using, and the IP address. Also pages visited, searches performed, publications, purchases or sales, ratings and replies, messages on forums, among other information which will be stored and retained.
In case users send correspondence via email or letter, or if other users or third parties send correspondence about the activities or messages of other users on the site of The Global Dairy, may collect and store such Personal Information, including e-mail addresses.

Use of Information

To provide an excellent service and to allow users to perform operations in an agile and secure way, The Global Dairy requires some personal information, including e-mail. Data collection allows to offer services and features to the users that best suit their needs and customize the services provided The Global Dairy. Personal information collected pursues the following purposes:

• Help the buyer and seller come into direct contact in the opportunity that corresponds according to the mode of purchase. In this case, The Global Dairy will provide stakeholders the personal data (name, phone, location and email) via email or through the site. The information thus known to the buyer or seller shall be used only for the purpose of winding up the operation started in The Global Dairy and will not be employed by any of them for advertising or promotional purposes or other non- The Global Dairy activities except with authorization of the user.
• Develop internal studies on the interests, behaviors and demographics of users to better understand their needs and interests and provide better service or provide related information.
• Improve our marketing and promotional initiatives and analyze the pages visited by users, to improve our content and items offerings, customize such content, their presentation and services.
• Send information or email messages about new services, display advertising and promotions, banners, of interest to our users, news about The Global Dairy.
• Share personal information (including e-mail) with service providers or outsourcing companies to help improve and facilitate operations through The Global Dairy, such as (without limitation) transport services, media payment, insurance intermediaries or payment management, call centers, among others.
• Provide personal user information to entities involved in the resolution of disputes between them, such as insurance companies, conciliators or arbitration courts or courts capable of resolving such disputes.

Confidentiality of information.

Once registered on its website, The Global Dairy will not sell, rent or share personal information except under the forms established in these policies. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user expressly consents that America Dairy can fully or partially transfers Personal Information to any of the subsidiaries, controlled by and / or linked with The Global Dairy, in manner and conditions as it deems relevant. If by a court order, or legal regulations, The Global Dairy is required to disclose information to authorities or third parties under certain circumstances, The Global Dairy is not liable for the information disclosed.

Personal password

To access the services reserved only for users duly registered, users will have a personal password. With it they can buy, sell and offer, among other activities. This password should be under strict confidentiality and in no case be disclosed or shared with others by the user.
The user is responsible for all actions that take place using the Username and Password, including taking over the payment of fees and the damages users may suffer as a result. If for any reason a user to believe that someone may know its password, the password will have to be modified by accessing the navigation menu.


Our services are available only to those who have legal capacity to contract. Therefore, those who do not comply with this condition should refrain from providing Personal Information to be included in our databases. However, they can do so through a parent or guardian.

The use of information by other users

To facilitate interaction among all members of the community of The Global Dairy, the service allows limited access to certain contact details of other users, such as user name, Phones, City and email address.
Users will only be able to use Personal Information obtained from other users on the site for: (a) communications related to The Global Dairy that do not constitute unsolicited commercial communications, (b) using services offered in The Global Dairy, and (c) any other purpose to which the corresponding user expressly consents once the user has been previously provided with the legally required information.
Under no circumstances users can share personal information or e-mail address of another user to any third party without the consent of The Global Dairy and the affected user. Data of any The Global Dairy user must not be added to the mail address directory (physical or electronic), even the data from those who have acquired any item offered in The Global Dairy, without the express consent of that user .

Order of competent authorities – Legal Requirements

The Global Dairy may disclose Personal Information about users under the request of the competent judicial or governmental authorities for purposes of research conducted by them, such as (but not limited to this case) in the case of criminal investigations or fraud or related o hacking or copyright violation.

The Global Dairy can (expressly authorized by users) communicate any personal information about its users in order to meet applicable regulations and cooperate with the competent authorities to the extent that discretion deems it necessary and appropriate in connection with any investigation of a illegal or fraud, infringement of intellectual or industrial property, or other activity that is illegal or may expose The Global Dairy or its users to any legal liability.

Furthermore, The Global Dairy reserves the right to communicate information about their users to other users, entities or third parties when there are enough reasons to believe that the activity of a user is suspicious of attempting or committing a crime or of attempting to harm others. This right will be used by The Global Dairy in its sole discretion as it deems appropriate or necessary to maintain the integrity and security of the site and its users, to enforce the Terms and Conditions and other policies of the site and in order to cooperate with the implementation and enforcement of the law. This right shall be exercised by The Global Dairy independently of the possible existence of a judicial or administrative order to that effect.

Security. Storage of information

The Global Dairy is obliged to comply with all applicable rules on the security measures applicable to Personal Information. The Global Dairy user knows and accepts that The Global Dairy, in its sole discretion, collect, store and monitor the exchange of messages and emails between users, conducted within its site, with the purpose of contributing to security relations and communications between users. Therefore, The Global Dairy is not responsible for illegal interceptions or violation of their systems or databases by unauthorized persons. The Global Dairy is not responsible for the misuse of information obtained by such means.