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Countries United States |13 noviembre, 2017

Dairy Farmers | Protest against Larson Dairy Farm following probation status

The National Milk Producers Federation has placed Larson Dairy Farm on probationary status.
It comes on the heels of this video, released by an animal rights group, who claimed dairy workers can be seen kicking and punching cows.

By: Yaremi Farinas

Source: CBS12


Protesters took their outrage straight to the dairy farm on Sunday.

Animal right activists chanted, showing disgust over the dairy farm at the center of a shocking video.

We want to warn you the video released by animal rights group called Animal Recovery Mission or ARM, may be difficult to watch.

The group said it shows dairy workers at Larson dairy farm in Okeechobee mistreating cows by kicking and hitting them. Sometimes even with steel bars.

“I was just crying so hard imagining carrying a baby for nine months and having them come and steal your baby and then beat you,” said Kayla Leaming.

Leaming, with a group called Okeechobee Animal Save, drove from Orlando to protest against the animal abuse allegations at Larson Dairy Farm.

The protest got heated when Okeechobee County Commissioner Bryant Culpepper showed up to support his longtime time friends, the Larson family.

Culpepper spoke with CBS12. He believes the Larson family was targeted and set up.

“Somebody got paid off to do this because Mr. Larson and his family have built an empire in the dairy industry. They’ve been credible stewards of these animals because they know their life and animals abused to not produce milk like animals that are cared for,” Culpepper said.

But for Leaming there’s no explanation.

“If these people actually care about their animals they would keep better tabs on what’s going on. There wouldn’t be a chance for these cows to be beaten like that,” Leaming said.

A criminal Investigation is underway. Larson tells CBS12 he fired one employee, and suspended two others following release of video.


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