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Countries Germany Qatar |31 julio, 2017

Qatar | Qatar awaits second batch of cows from Germany

Qatar is awaiting the delivery of the second batch of cows from Germany after it had decided to expand its dairy products. Altogether, 4,000 cows were purchased from Germany.

Yousef Farahat, a German farmer of Lebanese origin told reporters the cows are collected from farms around the country and gathered in Frankfurt to be flown to Qatar.

Farahat said that Qatar sent the purchase request to him four weeks ago, noting that Qatar received the first batch of cows in the middle of this month.

The Holsteins are expected to provide much-needed relief to Qatar’s dairy farms, which have been overworked since the Gulf dispute began last month.

A spokesman of the Qatari Baladna firm for dairy products said that Qatar had received 165 cows from a farmer in Budapest, noting that those cows were of German origin.

Qatar has been working to expand its dairy products after the boycott imposed by a number of the Arab countries.

Prior to the boycott, Qatar depended on Saudi Arabia for importing about 80 per cent of its dairy products. Now, Qatar import this amount from other countries.

Source: The Middle East Monitor


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