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Countries United States |26 octubre, 2017

Receives | Selner Receives Dairy Challenge Founders Award

The executive director of the Wisconsin-based National Dairy Shrine was one of three leaders honored by the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge.

Source: Wisconsin Ag Connection


During a presentation at World Dairy Expo this month, Dr. Dave Selner was recognized with a Dairy Challenge Founders Award.

Selner was part of the NAIDC’s first steering committee after a meeting in 2001. At the time, he agreed to help build the contest structure and secured National Dairy Shrine as treasurer through the establishment of the program, which gave the concept credibility to raise funds.

A board member of the Dairy Challenge for its first five years, Selner was also responsible for writing the by-laws, constitution, contest structure and rules.

Dave Thorbahn of Select Sires and Linda Hodorff from Hodorff Enterprises were other recipients of the Founders Award this year.

“Thorbahn, Hodorff and Selner are true founders of the Dairy Challenge organization and we are extremely pleased to recognize them for their exceptional contributions and distinguished service,” said NAIDC Board Vice President Dr. Maurice Eastridge of Ohio State University. “All three of these individuals have made lasting impact on hundreds of college students through the creation of Dairy Challenge, and continued its development to become the premier program for tomorrow’s dairy leaders.”

The award was established in 2016 to recognize volunteers with extraordinary, consistent contributions and/or distinguished service to NAIDC.


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