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Countries New Zealand |23 enero, 2018

Dairy | Sharp focus on future at Northland dairy farmers’ conference

Northland dairy farmers are invited to the 2018 BNZ Northland Dairy Development Trust conference at Whangarei’s Toll Stadium on Friday February 9.


Source: NZ Herald


NDDT chairman Terence Brocx said the annual conference was an important part of the dairying calendar for Northland, and attracting farm owners and their staff from throughout the region courtesy of speakers who they would not usually have the chance to hear and question, such as Fonterra chairman John Wilson and BNZ economist Doug Steele.

Mr Wilson had been due to speak at the 2017 conference but had to pull out due to commitments abroad, and had made sure that this year’s event fitted into his schedule.

Mr Brocx said this year’s conference offered farmers trial updates from the Northland Agricultural Research Farm (NARF), along with current research findings from DairyNZ into improving animal health and reproduction, as well as covering other relevant topics.

“The general theme for this year is around what are we learning now and what do we need to learn going forward,” he added.

The Northland Dairy Development Trust invited all farmers to give their support, to ask questions and discuss what future trials they would like to see undertaken to further develop the region’s dairying success.


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