The dairy farming industry will have to pay heavy price : Daljit Singh, President, PDFA

The demand of the milk is increasing at the pace of 5.5 percent and it is difficult to meet the demand. If this situation continues, we have to import milk from other countries, said Daljit Singh, President, Punjab Dairy Farmers Association (PDFA) while addressing media persons at Chandigarh Press Club here today.

He rued, it not only impossible to open the dairies but people who are engaged in the industry are leaving the same. Taking up this issue, dairy farmers have taken a lead to resolve this crisis by making aware rest of the dairy farmers in the country.

Due to the improved breed, the cows from Punjab are always in high demand from rest of the states including Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and others. They purchased their high breed cows from state in abundance. On an average around three lakh cows go out to the state which results in revenue of Rs.2500 Crores.

With the implementation of this law, the dairy industry in state will totally collapse. Industry and dairy farmers will face a massive blow.

He cited several reasons which would lead to loss to the dairy industry:

1. The documentation for the sale and purchase has been made so tough, which cannot be completed by any means. This will mark the end of the trade.

2. Only dairy farmer can purchase the cattle and for that one has to attach the supporting documents for authenticity. Whereas the pity farmers and masses are entering in this trade make the mess of the industry.

3. Industry will totally come to a halt with the ban on slaughtering of the buffaloes.

4. No sale of any pregnant cow or nine-month old calf whereas in the mandis such pregnant cows are meant for sale. Association feels that it is the clear indication of plot to destroy the farming industry.

5. No antibiotics cannot be given to cattle without veterinary doctors, whereas government provides first aid training to farmers before veterinary doctor arrives. At times, farmers have to take charge in order to save the lives of their cattle in the absence of doctors during midnight.

Association has demanded from the Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh to intervene in this entire issue. Association requested the state government to condemn the central government move and the same should not be enforced. With the implementation of this law, Punjab will have to pay a heavy price.

To save the dairy industry, association will try his best so that law cannot be enforced. PDFA delegation will soon meet Captain Amarinder Singh. If there is no breakthrough in this issue, PDFA will joins with rest of the dairy farmers as a part of protest at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.


Source: NewZNew


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