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Countries United States |23 julio, 2018

Dairy Industry | U.S. Dairy Exports by the Numbers

A 604% increase since 1995, to $5.5 billion last year.

With the international spotlight shining brightly on trade policies and both Mexico and China imposing new tariffs on U.S. dairy products, this is a good time to take a look at U.S. Dairy exports by the numbers.

We created this infographic to provide a visual snapshot.

The bottom line is this: Dairy creates jobs, exports create more. How?

Exports expand dairy’s economic footprint, supporting more jobs in more places. Exports boost rural, suburban and urban economies while creating additional tax revenue for the common good.

Feel free to use, share and amplify this infographic.

By: Mark O’Keefe

Source: Medium

Link: https://medium.com/dairy-exports-mean-jobs/u-s-dairy-exports-by-the-numbers-523f3093e6d

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