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Countries Canada |27 septiembre, 2017

material | ‘Unknown’ how foreign material ended up in Victoria-produced milk jugs: RCMP

RCMP say a months-long investigation into how foreign material ended up in several brands of milk produced in Victoria has wrapped up without answers.

Police were looking into potential tampering of Agropur milk products that resulted in the unidentified material showing up in four-litre milk jugs back in June.

The incident prompted a massive recall of Lucerne, Island Farms and Natrel milk that was also investigated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Vancouver Island District RCMP told CTV News Monday that “all investigative avenues have been exhausted and it is unknown how the foreign objects came to be inside the milk jugs.”

Investigators interviewed a number of people including complainants but said there was no evidence of criminality.

The incident prompted Agropur to add double protection safety seals to all of its milk jug products.

The CFIA said there were no reported illnesses associated with consumption of the affected milk.

CTV News has reached out to Agropur for comment.



Source: CTV News

Link: http://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/unknown-how-foreign-material-ended-up-in-victoria-produced-milk-jugs-rcmp-1.3605458

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