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Countries Canada |24 enero, 2018

Dairy Farmers | Want to become a dairy farmer?

Application deadline for new entrants is March 31.

By: Alberta Milk

Source: Alberta Farmer Express

Link: https://www.albertafarmexpress.ca/2018/01/23/want-to-become-a-dairy-farmer/

Applications are now being accepted for Alberta Milk’s New Entrant Assistance Program, which offers a quota loan at no cost to successful applicants.

The program provides two kilograms of loaned quota for every kilogram bought (previously this was 1:1), up to a maximum of 25 kg/day. The 25-kilogram loan is enough quota to milk 18 to 25 additional cows. The quota loan gradually expires beginning in the 11th year (previously seven years) at a rate of 10 per cent per year.

While using the program, new entrants can expand up to 100 kg/day of total quota holdings (the previous maximum was 70 kg/day). The application deadline is March 31. For more info, go to the Alberta Milk website.

New Entrants Assistance Program


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