Where you can buy the cheapest milk

Whether you splash it in your tea, pour it on your cereal or prefer it straight – the milk you buy can make a big difference to your grocery docket. For some households, consuming four litres a week is normal.

For one litre of full cream milk expect to pay $1.20 for supermarket brands, around $1 extra for a name brand, even more for specialised milk – like lactose-free at $2.99 – and no fat, high calcium milk at $2.85 a litre.

Canstar Blue’s Megan Doyle said milk is the number one staple item.

“So our research showed that 42 percent of people actually buy the cheapest type of milk they can,” she said.

Consumer comparison group Canstar Blue surveyed 3000 shoppers and asked them to rate fresh and long-life milk, including lesser known brands like Harvey Fresh and Brownes from Western Australia, which are now on supermarket shelves.

“The fresh milk market is actually highly competitive so there’s a number of brands in the ratings this year,” Ms Doyle said.

While name brands are more expensive, shoppers voted them the best for taste ahead of homebrand milk from Coles and Woolworths.

But the clear winner – Aldi getting five stars for taste, overall satisfaction and value for money

Its Farmdale milk is the cheapest to buy at $1.15 a litre.

Aldi also came out on top for its long-life milk, a product that’s heated to a high temperature then sealed so it can last up to nine months unopened in your pantry.

Ms Doyle said their research found 15 percent buy long-life milk for the dietary and nutritional value, while eight percent bought it for the taste.

“In the long-life category, it’s actually convenience – people just love that’s it’s there ready to use when they need it,” she said.

“Fresh milk though is definitely the category leader. The majority of people do buy the fresh milk product.

“The long-life milk though is really something that die-hard fans do love having in their cupboard.”

The survey found 68 percent of shoppers try to buy milk that supports farmers.

Queensland Dairy Farmers said to do that, choose branded milk products and milk from smaller dairies.

For the full results head to https://www.canstarblue.com.au/food-drink/fridge/milk/

By: Eva Milic

Source: Nine Digital Pty

Link: https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/02/28/19/17/where-to-buy-the-cheapest-milk

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