Whey Prices Decline, Milk Prices Follow


Both markets finished unchanged at a $1.48 on blocks while barrels settled at $1.4375.

Grade A nonfat dry milk was unchanged at 80.5₵ although there were 12 bids and three offers.

Dry whey markets were again the story and reason behind weakness in the Class III market. Whey markets dropped 0.5₵ in March, 1.5₵ in the second quarter and 0.75₵ in the August-October time frame. After Monday’s trade the average April – December whey price fell to 41.5₵ an 8.5₵ move lower since the peak on February 9.

As a result, Class III prices slipped 4-7₵ in the March – May and September – December timeframes. June – August saw the biggest hits with June being down 17₵, July down 10₵ and August down 19₵. After Monday’s trade the average April – December price was $16.45 per CWT.

Class IV markets declined 5-11₵ in the second quarter, while August lost 8₵ and September was down 20₵.


Source: MilkBusiness

Link: http://www.milkbusiness.com/blog/whey-prices-decline-milk-prices-follow




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