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Countries Australia |2 abril, 2018

Will Rayner | Will Rayner joins SA Dairy Industry Fund board to support farmers

NEW faces are appearing on the SA Dairy Industry Fund board, formed to finance projects directly benefiting the state’s farmers.

Founding board member Will Rayner is the new chair, while Rob Kerin and Melissa Rebbeck are helping to revitalise the board until 2020.

Mr Kerin is a former SA Premier and Primary Industries Minister and is currently the executive chairman of Primary Producers SA.

Ms Rebbeck is a farm researcher, management and extension specialist running a consultancy business and farm on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Mr Rayner replaces Denis Mutton, the inaugural chairman of the SA Dairy Industry Fund, who has resigned following three years.

“The SA Dairy Industry Fund is now well-established and sustainable thanks the work of Dennis, SA dairy farmers, the broader milk processing and retailing sector, and most importantly, SA consumers,” Mr Rayner said.

The SA Dairy Industry Fund established in October 2014 supports research and development projects improving productivity, performance and growth for dairy farmers and their communities.

It is supported by South Australians who buy SADA Fresh product in Coles.

For further information on the SADA Fresh Board see www.sadafresh.com.au.

By: Belinda Willis

Source: The Advertiser

Link: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/business/sa-business-journal/will-rayner-joins-sa-dairy-industry-fund-board-to-support-farmers/news-story/900e76d4229925cb81661f4667539d4a

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