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Countries United States |27 febrero, 2018

Dairy Farmers | Wisconsin Sets Another Record for Milk Production in 2017

Although final numbers are expected to be confirmed later in the spring, it appears that America’s Dairyland stayed true to its name in 2017 as the state set another record for total milk production.

Preliminary figures from the USDA show that Wisconsin produced 30.3 billion pounds of milk last year, about 0.7 percent more than the previous record of 30.1 billion pounds harvested in 2016. Milk per cow also rose to an all-time high of 23,725 pounds, up 183 pounds from the year earlier.

As of January 1, there were 8,801 licensed milk cow operations in the state. That was down 503 from a year ago, and the third consecutive year that the herd count was below the 10,000 mark in generations.

The total number of milk cows at year’s end was around 1.28 million head, about 5,000 less than the previous year–keeping Wisconsin second behind California for number of milk cows.


Source: Wisconsin Ag Connection

Link: http://www.wisconsinagconnection.com/story-state.php?Id=234&yr=2018

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