UK dairy farmers are being urged to complete the government’s milk contracts consultation before the 15 September deadline.
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NFU Scotland said the consultation offered “the best opportunity for change” for UK dairy suppliers in 30 years.

The consultation is in response to concerns raised that primary producers, including dairy farmers, tend to occupy positions of relative weakness in the food supply chain.
The consensus among agricultural producers in the UK is that unequal bargaining power with processors and retailers can expose farmers to unfair treatment, with the potential to undermine equitable price transmission along the chain.

If dairy farmers have any questions on the consultation they should go to NFU Scotland’s dedicated webpage, which should be able to answer any queries that they have.

NFU Scotland Milk Committee chairman Gary Mitchell said: “NFUS has proactively engaged with a large number of farmers, milk buyers and other stakeholders on this consultation, but it is absolutely vital that dairy farmers in Scotland take the time to complete the consultation and have their voices heard.

Change is never an easy process, but if you as an individual are in control of the change, then not only is it more palatable, then the change can be to your advantage.

“For too long, dairy farmers operate in a supply chain where there are too many external variables that can directly affect their bottom line, this is an opportunity to change that.”

It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic caused milk prices to plummet…

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