Wisconsin dairy farms are continuing to struggle, with many going out of business.
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This year President Trump cut $2-million out of the budget for the Farmers First ACT

Which is making things even more difficult for Wisconsin farmers.

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin is calling on Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to take stronger action.

At an Agriculture Subcommittee hearing last Thursday she shared a story of one man who lost his dairy farm.

“I plan on sharing the story of Paul Adams, who very recently had to go out of business. Paul’s story is unique but also representative of the hardship and pain that other families are experiencing in these very difficult times,” Baldwin said.

Adam’s family farmed their land for 148 years, and his daughter had hoped to carry on the family tradition.

But they had to sell 600 of their cows to stay afloat.

Baldwin wants other lawmakers to understand what these farmers are going through.

“Each of those farms is about an individual farmer, a farm family, farm workers, and there’s a story to tell,” she said.

She also said more than 2,000 Wisconsin dairy farms have gone out of business since President Trump took office.

Highway closures force Okanagan dairy farmers to dump milk as it can’t get to Coast for processing.

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