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New Zealand China |5 marzo, 2020

Dairy | New Zealand dairy supplier ready for resumption of work in China

New Zealand supplier of dairy product said Monday it is ready for the resumption of work in China, with Mark Pulman, CEO of Green Valley Distribution manufacturing fresh milk for Theland emphasizing his optimistic outlook towards China’s consumption market trend on Monday.

As positive signs are emerging continuously in China’s battle against the COVID-19 outbreak, the country is expanding business operations with a precise approach that attaches different priorities to regions considering their health conditions. Milk New Zealand Dairy company resumed the work of supply chain and sales operation functions in most regions of China gradually.

Mark Pulman suggested the firms allocated at the upstream of the supply chain should be given business resumption priorities, such as dairy manufacture that produce basic raw materials.

«We are making every effort to seize the production of New Zealand’s high-protein milk, giving priority to the supply of the Chinese market.»

He also expresses an optimistic outlook regarding the long-term consumption of China market.

«We are working to strengthen farm management to address risk due to the impact of China’s reduced demand in the first quarter, but that does not affect our long-term expectation for the Chinese market, and now we are in New Zealand and notice that China is fully back in full employment to meet strong consumers’ demand.»

Mark had attended the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) in 2019, he also brings the best wishes to the 3rd CIIE.

«According to the Dairy industry data, milk prices are on the rise, it will around the highest range in five years, but we will maintain support for the Chinese market. Looking forward to the 3rd CIIE.» Said Mark Pulman.

Theland Farm Group operation manager Ryan Orchard also expressed his support for the China market during a daily operation meeting with his team.

«We hope our milk can help in the battle with China against the novel Coronavirus, milk is great for your immunity and high in protein, and we’re very proud to bring pure milk to Chinese consumers. Over the last couple of years, we’ve sent representatives to the CIIE in China and had remarkable success. We’re very excited to bring more representatives again this year to the third CIIE.»

Roy Van den Hurk, general manager of product from Theland brand, told Chinese consumers to stay strong from a nutritionists’ perspective.

«New Zealand is China’s largest dairy exporter. According to Chinese customs data, China imported 210,000 tons of New Zealand milk last year. Nearly 70,000 tons was our own Theland brand milk.»

«Although China is currently experiencing a difficult situation, Theland fully believes that the Chinese market will recover as soon as possible. We are fully prepared,» he said.

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