Meet some of the machinery companies that are part of eDairy Market.
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8 Dairy companies you should know

Today together with eDairy Market, we want to show you which are some of the companies that join us selling their own products, and growing at the same time. These companies specifically are sellers of all kinds of machines for the dairy industry.


1. Milkplan SA:

MP Pasteurizer
Vertitank – 50 to 2,500 liters

Milkplan is a 100% Greek company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of livestock machinery, milk transport and cooling tanks, cooling systems and technological applications for livestock farms.

It is a leading company in Greece and one of the largest companies in the global livestock machinery market worldwide, exporting 85% of its production to 81 countries around the world.



Milk/Cream Separator “Samm 12006”
Milk/Cream Separator “MRPX 410”

INDUSTRIAS LACTEAS HERMANOS DE LAS CUEVAS S.L. has more than 50 years of experience behind us. They work at national and international level, exporting to countries of the European Union, Africa and America. They are specialized in the installation and start up of pasteurizers, as well as centrifuges, milk skimmers, vats, presses, storage silos, etc… They have a warehouse with a wide range of machinery ready for sale.



Cream Separator KMA Artern Nagema, 25000 l/h
Combicut System Stephan TC 300

El grupo industrial “PROMF”, de Ucrania, realiza todas las etapas de preparación para la puesta en marcha de líneas de proceso para la industria alimentaria, desde la creación de un proyecto que será realizado por nuestros diseñadores, entrega e instalación, hasta la puesta en marcha completa.


4. Agromasters Ltd:

Milk Pasteurizer PR600

Agromaters designs and manufactures advanced milking systems and equipment for milk production plants. It is a leader in the design and manufacture of milking parlors, milking automation, feeding, manure handling systems, cooling systems and milk transport. Agromasters produces all types of milking systems for goats, sheep and cows and integrates its own range of milking components and milking automation.

5. Officine di Pietro Vicenzo srl:

Kneading and forming machine – FUSORE

La empresa fue fundada en 1962 en Aversa, la patria indiscutible de la renombrada y muy querida Mozzarella di Bufala.  La actividad se centra principalmente en la construcción de centrales lecheras y mini centrales lecheras para el procesamiento y transformación de leche de búfala; también suministra equipos y productos para la industria alimenticia y láctea, todo lo cual garantiza asesoramiento técnico y asistencia profesional a sus clientes.



main-image main-image

Reliable business partner, providing complete and automated industrial lines for its customers, with the best technological standard. They are committed to be THE technological REFERENCE of the market with full knowledge of the business. They aspire to be the first choice for the solution of challenges.


7. Cotraydi:

Packaging Machin – 2500 to 3000 bags/hour per mouth.

Company with more than 17 years of experience dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of packaging machines for local and regional industry. They differentiate themselves by the development of products specifically designed according to the needs of each customer with a highly specialized technical team.



Semiautomatic Bagging Machine for bag in box
Bag in Box

Company that develops Bag In Box and Stand Pouch. They manufacture and commercialize films and lids. They are integrated in the production chain, they make the extrusion of films, design, injection and manufacture of lids and bags. We design, manufacture and commercialize Fillar packaging machines.

They belong to the Beniplast Group, an Argentinean reference in the plastic industry since 1976, which exports products to different countries in Latin America.


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