A mixed day in Dairy markets with smaller volume. The CME spot trade saw cheese continue higher, but with much smaller volumes.
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Blocks gained 2 cents to $1.91 ¾ on 3 loads trading, Barrels was unchanged at $1.65 1/4/lb on 6 trades. The block barrel spread widens back to 26 ½ cents averaging at 1.78 1/2/lb.

Butter fell a penny to $1.38/lb with only 1 load trading. Grade A Non Fat Dry Milk fell half a penny to $1.19/lb on 2 trades and Dry whey failed to trade and held unchanged at $0.50/lb.

Class III milk was mixed after rocketing higher for most of the week. January fell 15 to $16.70, February gained 24 to 19.70, and March fell 6 cents to 19.07/cwt. The balance of 2021 was 7 lower to 6 cent higher.

Class IV milk saw limited trades, but saw gains when it traded. January unchanged at 13.85, February at 14.59, and March at 15.21/cwt.

The grain complex keeps marching higher. Corn up 2 ¼ to 4.96 ¼, Soybeans up 15 ¼ to 13.76 ¾, and Soybean meal gained $6.80 to $444.80/ton

With ever.ag this is Jenny Wackershauser on Know your Markets

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has teamed up with Calon Wen, and wants other dairy farms to join in.

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