Pennsylvania has new legislation to support the retail sale of new “open code” milk.
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Harrisburg, PA (WHTM) — Pennsylvania has new legislation to support the retail sale of new “open code” milk.

Elder Vogel (R-Beaver, Butler, Lawrence), a Pennsylvania Senator, introduced the bill to the Pennsylvania Senate and created Senate Bill 434, which was signed on Wednesday as Law 62 of 2021.

The new law fixes issues affecting retail sales. Currently, Pennsylvania requires labeling for sale within 17 days of pasteurization. This is also known as a “fixed code”. These regulations exist only in the other two states, Pa. Puts the milk produced in the store at a disadvantage.

“Article 62 will level the playing field and allow dairy farmers in Pennsylvania to be more competitive with farmers in other states,” said Senator Vogel. “For the actual shelf life of milk, the 17-day requirement is not realistic.”

Vogel is also chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Commission.

“In addition, most consumers rank the freshness determined by the date code shown as the most important attribute when purchasing milk. The current expiration system is the actual quality of Pennsylvania milk. This new system is really a step forward because it doesn’t reflect, “Senator Vogel said.

The bill will come into effect in 30 days.

A new law enacted to change milk date requirements for sale in Pennsylvania.

Thirteen congressional members from New England are urging the U.S. Department of Agriculture to intervene on behalf of farmers left in the lurch by Danone SA, the French food giant that owns the Horizon Organic brand.

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