This Tuesday 22nd we will tell you which are the dairy export prices in Argentina and Uruguay and we will summarize the total export destinations, the total tons exported and the Total Average Price in U$D/Ton.
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The first SDT report left us with excellent repercussions (high levels of visits and many positive comments) that still continue to resonate in our work team. That is why we want to thank you and continue working to bring you a proposal according to your demands and interests.

It has been 15 days since our launching and this Tuesday, March 22nd, the second report of the South Dairy Trade arrives.


At South Dairy Trade, analysts, sellers and buyers of dairy products and ingredients will be able to take advantage of the best global trading opportunities, as they will have the transparency of data analysis as well as the only and most up-to-date price references published in South America.

 What do we do? 

With our data analysis plus the help of algorithms, we will provide information that will become a great help to our entire dairy community.

We want to Change the History of the South American Dairy Market and that is why we created South Dairy Trade. ???

⏰ Get ready! Tomorrow at 12 pm (Arg) comes the 2nd Report. Here –


*South Dairy Trade ® is owned by our group Dairy Corp.

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