If you're looking for a way to help kids connect with the Dairy State's agriculture roots, you can adopt a cow.
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The program partners schools and other groups like Girl Scouts or homeschoolers with a dairy farmer and a cow. The kids get to send the bovine letters and are then given pictures and videos of the calf.

The goal is to help kids learn about agriculture and dairy farming.

“It actually gives our Wisconsin dairy farmers a platform, a way to share all the good news about their dairy farm and the kids learn about it and gain a greater appreciation and love of dairy,” said Karen Doster, director of Youth and School Programs for Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.

At the end of the year the group gets a Zoom call with the farmer and calf to see how much it has grown throughout the year and talk to the farmer.

97 Milk’s slogans supporting whole milk are appearing ever farther afield from the group’s home base in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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