Fluid milk sales fall for 10th year.
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Data collected for dairy sales in 2019 show that fluid milk sales decreased another 1.75% since 2018, according to the USDA.

Statistics show that sales for fluid milk have been in decline for nearly a decade. However, the loss of sales seem to be slowing a bit. Previous year on year losses range between 0.6% to 3% for fluid milk.

The big picture is less encouraging as fluid milk made up nearly 55 billion pounds of sales in 2009, that total has dropped to 46.4 billion pounds last year, according to USDA data.

Surprisingly, flavored whole milk sales gained traction, with sales increasing over 10% over the past year. Whole milk also experienced an increase of 1.4% in sales.

With non-milk alternatives taking up more shares of the market, other milk products suffered with lost sales including skim milk (10.7%), 1% milk (5.8%), 2% milk (2.5%) and buttermilk (7%).

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