A new Brazilian dairy company joins the future of e-commerce in food and bets on the promotion, marketing and online distribution of its products.
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Alibra Ingredients also joined the e-commerce revolution in food. A few days ago, the young Brazilian company published two of its products that are already part of the dairy catalogue of eDairy Market, the largest dairy marketplace in the world.

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Alibra Ingredientes is a Brazilian company founded in 2000 that specializes in the production of dairy and non-dairy ingredients, powdered food mixes and cheese substitutes for the food and beverage market

Alibra Ingredients’ facilities are located in Campinas/SP and Marechal Cândido Rondon/PR, and over time Alibra has become a reference in the supply of innovative ingredients for food industries of all sizes in Brazil and abroad, and also for the food service market.

Taking advantage of the growth and international positioning of the eDairy Market, Alibra Ingredients presents the following products:

  • La Nutre PP 265 Fat Filled Sustituto lácteo en Polvo Alibra – Ver Info y Precio

  • La Nutre PP 2620 Fat Filled Sustituto lácteo en Polvo Alibra – Ver Info y Precio

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The Future of the Dairy Market is eDairy Market

The giant Holstein cow with spots arranged as a map of the world is designed to celebrate the farmer-owned cooperative’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

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