Amul released a new doodle on Tuesday informing citizens above 18 years to get vaccinated. The post comes after the government announced that people above 18 years can get vaccinated. Amul's post has gone viral.
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Image posted on Twitter by Amul

In a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 19, the government decided that all persons above the age of 18 years can get vaccinated now. The vaccination drive will begin on May 1.

On Tuesday, Dairy brand Amul shared a creative doodle celebrating the news and informing citizens above 18 to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

The doodle features the Amul girl wearing a face mask. She is sitting with a board in her hand that says 18+. Next to her is a healthcare professional in a PPE kit. The professional is wearing a PPE (personal protective equipment) suit and is showing the thumbs-up sign. In the background, there is a vaccine storage unit.

See the doodle here:

The text on the doodle reads, “No waiteen’ if you’re eighteen!” along with, “Amul Your shot of butter.”

Amul’s post has gone viral, and it has more than 1,600 likes. Twitter users appreciated the creativity of the team. One user commented, “We are going to participate in the History soon! (sic).”

See some comments here:

Earlier, the Centre had launched a nationwide vaccination drive on January 16 for healthcare and frontline workers and expanded it to those above 45 on April 1.

As of April 21, India has 2.95 lakh recorded Covid cases and 2,023 fatalities. There are 21,57,538 active Covid-19 cases in India. Over 1.67 crore recoveries were recorded in the past 24 hours.

Last month, 14 of our dairy farms in Maine, as well as dozens of dairy farms across northern New England, got an unexpected and disappointing notice from Danone of North America saying that they were discontinuing their contracts with our organic dairy farmers in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and elsewhere.

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