Indian dairy brand Amul is known for keeping up with the latest trends and happenings in the world and depict it through their ads.
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Amul ad on Harappa findings (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The Amul Topical ads have created a remembrance among all users today. In its latest ad, Amul talks of the archaeological finds from 4,500 years ago of the Indus Valley Civilization. It refers to a study published in the journal Nature, which presents some evidence of cheese-making in India and South Asia so many years ago. Based on this interesting finding, Amul India has made its latest ad calling their brand “Harrapa se Har cuppa tak”. Amul’s ‘Flatten the Curve’ Topical amid COVID-19 Lockdown Brings in Positivity and Hope!

A study led by a researcher from University of Toronto Mississauga, has studied archaeological finds from the Kotada Bhadli settlement which is located in present-day Kutch district of Gujarat. There have been similar excavated findings of human settlements in the past. This used to be a settlement in the Indus Valley Civilization from 3BCE. They found some absorbed lipid residues in ceramic vessels. They also found a evidence of dairy processing. So based on the finding of cheese likely being made and consumed by Harrapans, Amul being a leading dairy brand, chanced upon the information to make their latest ad.

From festivals to birthdays, Amul makes interesting ads on current issues. The Amul mascot girl is seen holding a plate of cheese and the dairy processing tools in front of her. With a pun-intended text of “Harappa se Har Cuppa tak” they market how everyone loves having Amul cheese. People have liked this witty take on this crucial information of history.

Sorry, in a click bait world I feel like I have to open with a title that grabs a reader’s attention.

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