DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The 50th World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting has just come to a conclusion. At the forum, chairman and president of China-based healthy food producer Yili Group (Stock Code: 600887) Pan Gang expressed his confidence in the expansion of the Chinese and global consumer markets as well as the growing sophistication among shoppers during the discussion about "China Economic Outlook".
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A technician in a Yili laboratory tests milk products destined for the Chinese market. Photo: Getty Images

“In 2019, two of Yili’s brands saw sales breaking the 20 billion yuan mark while four surpassed 10 billion. Driven by consumer demand for personalized and scenario-based products, Yili is constantly innovating and bringing together high-quality resources worldwide to better serve consumers,” Mr. Pan said.

Satine and inikin, Yili’s two flagship products, debuted at the “Davos – Yili Healthy Soiree” on the evening of January 22. Satine, a high-end milk brand, has a New Zealand-imported product line, providing consumers with both high-protein and organic pure milk. With the source being low temperature mineral water found in volcanos, inikin aims to lead in the era of healthy drinking water.

Yili has entered the Southeast Asian market with its high-quality Joyday ice cream and has launched 17 Joyday products across Indonesia. In addition, the company has launched room temperature yogurt Ambrosial with three types of packaging and five flavors (original, blueberry, strawberry, yellow peach & oats and mango & passion fruit), providing an unprecedented healthy experience for consumers in Southeast Asia.

In addition to providing healthy dairy products, Yili pursues a higher goal of promoting sustainable development and mass participation in sports worldwide, as part of the company’s efforts to fulfill its social responsibility and promote a healthy lifestyle for all. Yili participated in the “Help Millions of Children Realize Dreams“, a large-scale charity event held by Indonesia Children’s Tumor Foundation in Jakarta, with all proceeds going to help local children battling with cancer. The company also participated in a “breaking the fast” event, providing free, nutritious and delicious ice cream to impoverished Muslim children in Indonesia. Through localized operations, Yili has actively fulfilled its social responsibility by engaging in charity campaigns, creating new jobs and stimulating the surrounding economy, and, by doing so, creating a win-win partnership with the local community and gaining wide recognition and trust at the local level. By actively engaging in biodiversity protection as well as low-carbon production and living, Yili was awarded the 2019 China Business Best Practice on Achieving SDGs by the UN Global Compact.

Since 2017, more than 85 million people have registered online for Yili’s snow sports promotion event. Commenting on sports and health, Liu Jiayu, an athlete representative at the “Davos – Yili Healthy Soiree”, snowboard halfpipe world champion and a silver medalist at the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games, said, “Participation in sports makes one a better person all around. The efforts made by Yili to promote mass participation in sports are of great significance to advocating a healthy lifestyle.”

The transformation of sustainable development has become a global consensus. Yili’s advocacy of a healthy lifestyle and adoption of an approach to sustainable development have garnered attention and recognition from all walks of life, creating efficient “Yili solutions”.

SOURCE Yili Group

In dairy risk management, one size does not fit all. Throughout recent history, a number of dairy-related risk management programs, some available through private crop insurance providers and others available through the Farm Service Agency (FSA), have been designed to fill gaps in protection against market risk and uncertainty.

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