State dairy Chairman Loka Bhumareddy inaugurates the bulk milk cooling unit in Asifabad.
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State dairy Chairman Loka Bhumareddy at the inauguration of a bulk milk cooling unit in Asifabad on Thursday

The government is committed to the development of the dairy industry, said State dairy chairman Loka Bhumareddy on Thursday while inaugurating the bulk milk cooling unit in Asifabad.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that the milk cooling unit established at a cost of Rs 30 lakh under the Rurban scheme. He said that the Vijaya Dairy was stuck in debt due to the negligence of the rulers before the achievement of the State and now has a fixed deposit of Rs 650 crore.

A total of five bulk milk units are being set up to develop it. As part of this, another 2 units will be launched in Kagaznagar in the coming days. He said it would require the co-operation of local representatives to increase the 1,000-liter capacity. Those interested should take advantage of the fact that subsidised loans are being given to develop the dairy industry in the district. He said the dairy would be developed in such a way that it could be exported to other districts where requirements are not met.

Earlier, district ZP Chairperson Kova Lakshmi said public representatives in the villages should create awareness among milk sellers and encourage them to bring milk to the milk centre. District Collector Rahul Raj said all steps would be taken for the development of the dairy centre. “For this, we are conducting awareness programmes for the farmers and taking steps to promote livestock,” he said.

He added that 10 per cent of the loans to be provided in the coming days as part of the Dalit Bandhu scheme would be earmarked for the development of the dairy industry. He said 50 per cent subsidized loans would be provided to farmers for donations and other items. MLA Aatram Sakku said milk distributors should use it to grow financially. The dairy industry is booming.

Additional District Collector Varun Reddy, DCCB Director Govardhan Reddy, DRDO Officer Surender, MPP Mallikarjun, Single Window Chairman Ali Bin Ahmed, Vijaya Dairy Officer Madhusudan, Panchayati Raj EE Rammohan Rao and Rural Development Department officials and others were present.

The ACCC was due to present its final findings on the proposed acquisition on September 14, but eastAUSmilk said it had delayed the report indefinitely, pending receipt of further information from the parties involved (Coles and Saputo).

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