Beverage producer Made is expanding its portfolio by launching ReMilk which has half the sugar and more protein than standard milk.
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(Source: Supplied)

Featuring patent-pending cold filtration technology, the milk is sourced locally and filtered to balance the protein and natural sugar content.

Natural milk contains about 12gm of sugar in the lactose which means that even low-fat milk contains sugar.

A survey conducted by Nature and commissioned by ReMilk has shown that 65 per cent of Aussies are concerned about the amount of sugar in their diets. A growing number of consumers are tending to buy lactose-free milk since regular milk can cause an upset stomach or bloating.

According to Made, “consumers can remove up to 1.7 kilograms of sugar from their diet every year” by switching to ReMilk which, being lactose-free, is easier to digest.

“With Aussies seeking healthier alternatives and simple swaps to remove sugar from their diets, we saw an opportunity in the white milk category that wasn’t tapped into,” said Luke Marge, co-founder and joint CEO at Made.

“Together with our 100-per-cent renewable carton, ReMilk will revolutionise the way Aussies consume milk that is better for their health and the environment.”

ReMilk has an RRP of $3.20 for a 1L carton and comes in full cream and light options. It is sold through Woolworths and independent retailers across Australia.

A recent report released by the International Dairy Federation says that total dairy consumption globally will increase by 24 per cent by 2031, or an increase of 1.7 per cent per year.

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