The Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) welcomes today's signing of Australia's Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United Kingdom (UK).
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Under the FTA, Australian dairy products will enter the UK duty free within a five-year timeframe, with substantial transition quotas providing improved access from entry into force.

The UK is a large dairy importer as well as exporter of dairy products. According to UK customs data, it imported almost 1.5 million tonnes of dairy products in 2020, making the UK the second largest importer of dairy in the world. Currently, European Union members supply 98% of the UK’s dairy imports.

Rick Gladigau, Chair of ADIC, congratulated Trade Minister Dan Tehan and the Australian negotiating team for successfully concluding an FTA with the UK within a relatively short time frame.

“The Australian dairy industry has a long history of reliably servicing international markets with high quality dairy products. Attaining improved access into markets such as the United Kingdom is important for farmer profitability and vital for our industry to continue to be successful,” said Mr Gladigau.

“While the Australian dairy industry has no expectations of a return to levels of trade seen prior to the UK entering the European Union, what is envisioned are the emergence of high value, niche opportunities, leveraging our counter seasonal supply to the Northern Hemisphere,” said ADIC Deputy Chair, Grant Crothers.

The Australian dairy industry looks forward to timely entry into force and successful implementation the FTA.

Eight butter products sold nationally in various supermarkets are being recalled over fears of contamination.

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