Dairy Farmers has released a new flavoured milk inspired by one of Australia’s favourite baked goods, after beating out lamingtons in a survey.
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Australia’s ‘favourite baked treat’ inspires new milk flavour
The classic ‘snot block’ is now a tasty drink thanks to the new Dairy Farmers product. Picture: Supplied

A new flavoured milk has hit shelves – and it honours one of Australia’s most-loved bakery treats.

Dairy Farmers has created a limited edition vanilla slice flavoured milk, after the sweet treat was voted Australia’s favourite in a survey commissioned by the brand.

The humble sweet treat beat out lamingtons, scones and chocolate eclairs for the title.

Combining creamy vanilla and pastry flavours, the new milk hit stores on October 6.

“Aussies love their flavoured milk and the vanilla slice is an icon of Australian culture, so it’s a perfect match for a delicious treat,” Dairy Farmers Classic brand manager Anne Scott said.

“We love classic flavours and this limited-edition Dairy Farmers Classic invites adventurous milk lovers to enjoy a deliciously smooth treat.”

The new flavoured milk is available at Woolworths stores in Queensland, NSW and South Australia.

From October 24, the milk will also be available at Coles, convenience stores and independent grocery stores, in the same states.

It comes as Zooper Dooper announced flavoured milk in fairy floss and cola spider flavours and an all-fairy floss flavoured pack of its classic ice block product.

Australia’s ‘favourite baked treat’ inspires new milk flavour1
Aussies love their flavoured milk. Picture: iStock

The new flavours come after last year’s milk launch, featuring pineapple, bubblegum and raspberry.

Fairy Floss ice was voted a fan favourite, prompting the dessert company to launch the milk and a single-flavour pack of ice blocks.

Zooper Dooper Fairy Floss flavoured milk will be available in Woolworths from October 3, with other retailers from October 24.

Meanwhile, both the 24-pack of Fairy Floss ice blocks and the Cola Spider milk with be exclusively available at Coles.

The quality rating of domestic dairy products has remained above 99 percent for six consecutive years, experts said at a webinar.

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