JD Worldwide announced forming a partnership with world-leading premium infant formula brand Bellamy on May 11, to jointly cooperate on the development of its new Mim’s Gentle goat milk product.
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The product is the first organic goat milk in Australia. Bellamy has focused on developing organic milk products for 17 years and is widely recognized by customers in China.

“Since working with JD, Bellamy has seen fast growth and great sales performance,” said Yunpeng Wang, general manager of JD Worldwide: “I hope that based on JD’s over 400 million active customers and strong capabilities on supply chain and marketing, we can make Bellamy an iconic example on our platform, and bring more high quality products for babies in China.”

Yunpeng Wang, general manager of JD Worldwide speaks on the event

“JD Worldwide is an important partner for Bellamy in China. In the past three years, the sales of Bellamy on JD Worldwide increased over six times,” said Yan Yang, general manager of Bellamy China. “JD Worldwide is a strong supporter of Bellamy’s growth. We hope that in the future, Bellamy can continue to leverage the best resources and most cutting-edge technology to bring more high-quality products to China.”

Bellamy’s overseas flagship store launched on JD in Sep. 2016, and has gained over 2.7 million followers. Bellamy chose JD to debut several of its new products, including small-size organic infant milk powder, and high-end platinum infant milk power. Different kinds of marketing activities that JD provides, such as new product launching, cross-category marketing and Super Brand Days, have helped Bellamy improve its performance and gain deeper understanding of the Chinese market.

THE Dairy Industry Code of Conduct has brought about a “significant culture change” within the dairy sector and helped increase competition at the farmgate, according to Australian Competition & Consumer Commission deputy chair Mick Keogh.

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