On April 9, 2020 Governor Evers received a letter that the Wisconsin Dairy Alliance along with 18 other Wisconsin Trade Associations and 33 Wisconsin Chambers of Commerce signed onto.
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Farmers have taken a huge income hit. So far, milk receipts are showing a $5.3B loss...a 13% decline. (Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Elbe)

The letter states that, “Wisconsin needs to bring certainty to workers and businesses alike by setting a firm date to begin the process of reopening our economy on April 24 – the end date for the Safer at Home order.”

As we move forward out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe it is important that we have a solid plan together on how our economy will be opened back up, all while keeping public health at the forefront.

Farmers have taken a huge income hit. So far, milk receipts are showing a $5.3B loss…a 13% decline.

Thousands of semi-loads of milk are being disposed of every day in the nation.
Food Service Sales have been decimated.
Farmers are asked to reduce their production without reimbursements.
Bankruptcies will be even larger than those in 2019 and mental health problems are increasing.

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) created an online petition that allows individual businesses to weigh in on the topic of gradually reopening the economy while we ensure we go above and beyond to protect the health and safety of our workers.

If you are supportive of WMC’s petition to restart the economy with thoughtful planning and analysis follow the link (https://www.wmc.org/restart/) to their petition and have your voice heard.

We also encourage you to share the link to their petition with allied industry partners so that others who are supportive of this plan, have an opportunity to participate.

The petition will be shared with Governor Evers and members of the Wisconsin Legislature.

We need Governor Evers to provide us with a date as to when we can expect the restarting of the Wisconsin economy.

Wisconsin Dairy Alliance represents modern regulated dairy farms in Wisconsin

Aurora Dairies, one of the largest milk producers in the country, has added Gray Wigg Gault’s Clydebank Aggregation in Victoria’s Gippsland region to its expanding portfolio for around $20 million.

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