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Canada |15 abril, 2019

Dairy | Canada’s dairy system attracts Turkish milk equipment company

Every year the Canadian Dairy XPO (CDX) attracts companies from all over the globe. Many of them have deep roots in Canada, but others, like Turkey’s Çapar milking systems, are new to the country, seeking to set up shop in one of the world’s most attractive dairy industries.

Çapar started producing milking machines in Turkey in 1979. Forty years later, the family-owned business has expanded throughout Europe and now has sights set on North American markets. In this video interview with RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin, Nazli Çapar explains that Canada’a supply managed milk system and the stability it provides for farmers is certainly attractive for European companies.

Mobile milking machines top the company’s equipment offering. The company also offers a range of milking systems and cooling tanks.

Nazli Çapar and RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin discuss mobile milking machines and the Turkish dairy industry.

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