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Cowra, NSW, dairy farmer Colin Thompson has been elected as the new chair of the NSW Farmers Dairy Committee following the Dairy Section Annual Meeting in Sydney.
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NEW CHAIR: The new chair of the NSW Farmers Dairy Committee Colin Thompson on his Cowra, NSW, dairy farm.

Mr Thompson, who owns and operates Silvermere Holsteins at Cowra, has a long history in the dairy industry.
He grew up on a family farm in Narooma, NSW, before moving to the Central West to start a new dairy farming business post deregulation of the industry.
Mr Thompson has vowed to continue the work of former chair Erika Chesworth and the Dairy Committee in advocating for more sustainable milk prices.
“The challenges facing the NSW industry are significant, with increasing input costs and stagnant prices. We must remedy this and ensure that we get a fair milk price,” Mr Thompson said.
“Our dairy farmers produce a high quality product every day of the year, but are getting less and less money at the farm gate.”
In February this year, Ms Chesworth said it was a “big win” for farmers after Woolworths announced it would stop selling $1 per litre fresh milk.
In March, both Coles and Aldi supermarkets announced they would also ditch $1-a-litre milk and increase the price by 10 per cent, following Woolworths’ lead.
All three supermarkets now sell it at $2.20 and $3.30.
Mr Thompson said milk and other dairy products, such as cheese, continue to be devalued in the eyes of the consumer by retailers heavily discounting the products.
“Farmers at the end of the chain are the ones getting hurt by this retail price squeezing and this will continue to be a focus for our committee until there is a viable solution,” he said.
Mr Thompson thanked outgoing chair Erika Chesworth for her leadership and commitment to the industry over the last three years.
“Erika has brought a huge amount of passion and commitment to the role and that has been vital in raising the profile of industry issues and inspiring consumer support for dairy farmers. I look forward to continuing this work,” he said.

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