If you’ve ever driven through Lowville, you’ve probably seen her: Lady Lewinda Milkzalot, the champion of Lewis County’s dairy industry.
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Meet Lady Lewinda Milkzalot, the champion of Lewis County’s dairy industry.

“So, she is New York’s largest dairy cow,” Lowville Producers dairy store manager Lynn Cole said. “She is 10 feet high and 15 feet long. Her name, Lady Lewinda came from a naming contest. The ‘le’ stands for Lewis County, the ‘win’ stands for windmills and the ‘da’ stands for dairy.”

She watches over the co-op owned by local farmers and grabs the attention of passersby.

“She does make people stop and come into the store,” Cole said. “All year long they’re taking pictures with her. We dress her up to go along with the holidays, special occasions, stuff like that.”

Lowville’s superstar even has her own merchandise: t-shirts, postcards, stress balls, candies, pamphlets — even soda bottles and tote bags.

But her best sellers? More than 75 flavors of cheese. All Lewinda-approved.

“The ag industry and dairy is what we’re really big with up here,” Cole said, “and she’s part of what Lewis County is known for.”

More than just a pretty face, the colossal cow is watching over the ag industry, one accessory at a time.

Those in New Zealand’s red meat sector say they’ve been left “deeply disappointed” by Aotearoa’s historic free trade deal with the European Union.

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