The potentially deadly virus just keeps spreading.
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Credit WAOW Television

Wednesday’s confirmed case in Wisconsin bringing the total in the U.S. to 12 and the virus is having an impact on milk prices in our area.

In an industry already going through so much, dairy farmers are now faced with another battle.

“Whatever happens with one part of the world will have a ripple effect on markets in other parts of the world,” said Heather Schlesser a dairy agent with UW Divison of Extension.

With China being the epicenter of the Corona virus they are cracking down on their imports and exports from the country, which includes dairy products from Wisconsin.

“If we can no longer ship our product over to China that is going to be a loss revenue stream until that market re-opens,” Schlesser said.

The fear closer to becoming reality now that we have our first confirmed case of the virus in Wisconsin.

“If we have a plane with a shipment that leaves here and goes over there and then there is a potential then that virus is going to get into the plane and get on the people handling the boxes,” Schlesser said.

Health officials said the person who tested positive in Wisconsin had travelled to Beijing before becoming ill.

The adult patient was tested at the University Hospital in Madison but only had mild symptoms.

They are now isolated at home.

For farmers, Schlesser said all you can do now is just wait patiently.

As for the concerns over the virus, the CDC said the health risk to the general public is still low in the badger state.

Global Dairy Trade Event 311 concluded with a price index of – 4.1 %.

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